"$uper" frugal living. "$aving" money...one idea at a time.

Adventures in "T.O."

I started blogging 4 years ago.  Then, the mama of 3 boys, I dubbed my writings, blog and life, as "Testosterone Overload".  Since then...we've added, yet another, XY...and a few more blogs (this just happens to be one of them).


How do I keep up?  (I may or may not be medicated.  Seriously.)

Every day is an ADVENTURE!  That's for sure.

Wanna follow along?

Here's some of our "best" (with more to come):

Hiya...take that Sir Laughs A Lot....who's laughing now?

My very existence in one word...poop!

Rare Moments of the destructive and naughty

Lack of balance, salt and pepper, Atheism, and exercise

One more reason to train for a marathon...

What is it about my aura that says "twins"?

Picking noses and picking battles...

When it hits the fan...it hits the fan

Eclectic fashion in our home of XY's

The day from "H-E-double-hockey-sticks"

"Testosterone Overload kills brain cells"

Mother's Day funny

A growth discovered...in my abdomen

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