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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My very existence in one word..."poop"

I'm frustrated.  I grab the phone and go outside.  Mail...I'll check the mail.  That's what I'll do.  Just get me out of here.

When I'm done I sit on the front lawn and call Rob at work.

"How are you?"  he says.



"I have wiped bums over 40 times today and  ___________ (we will call him child XYZ) has pooped in his pants three times in the last 45 minutes.  I swear, I'm gonna scream." 

"So what are you gonna do?"

"I told him he had to put on a pull up and would have to pay me for every one of them he poops in.  And...HE'S UPSET with me because I wont let him go outside and jump on the trampoline (do you blame me?...visions of poop...eveRYwhere)."

Just then another child comes out and says, "Mom...I have to go poop."

Rob starts laughing. CASE. IN. POINT!

Can we say probiotics....HELLO! (which I have already administered)

If only that was that.

While I am sitting here typing child XYZ comes in from playing outside and says, "Mom, were you REALLY serious about me having to pay you for the pull-ups?"




I put him on a potty time out.  "Just stay there for a while,"  I said.


I'm leaving for an undisclosed amount of time as soon as Rob gets home.


  1. Um, why so much poop? Are they sick, or just VERY relaxed?! Sorry that you have to deal with that!

  2. we don't know what is going on. For the younger three it has been several days. Gabe, just today. I just ran to the store and grabbed immodium. Hopefully that helps.

  3. There's only so much poop a girl can handle.


    Oh, I crack myself up!

    No, seriously!

  4. Oh man, Mel. I'm sorry for your dilemma but the way you word it is just hilarious! I know this doesn't compensate for poop but when I saw your title, the word for poop changed to HAIR. My life is doing and redoing, doing and redoing HAIR!For hours on end, no joke.. hours. I guess hair is less messy. so you win! Love ya Mel.

  5. Yuck! I hate poop. I have potty trained Delson, but even over a month later, he still isn't really poop trained. He still mostly poops in his pants and it is driving me insane because I HATE cleaning it up. And he usually poops at least 2 times a day if not 3 or 4 times. It's horrible! I'm with ya sister. Hope it is better now.

  6. I had one like that! It drove me batty! And it really felt like he was doing it on purpose to make me crazy. Good luck, girl. Just get through it!

  7. Haha. Sorry I had to laugh even though poo is one of the nastiest things to deal with... but do you remember one morning when we worked at Hogi Yogi... you had gone running before work... enough said. ;0

  8. If it makes you feel better my kiddos used to poop their pant and then smear it all over the white carpet and walls! I spent all my time shampooing the carpet. I did everything possible to keep them from taking off their clothes. Footed P.J.'s zipped up backwards, bib overalls, you get the idea. They were both 3 before they got the potty training thing down... but have patience they get there eventually!


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