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Friday, November 13, 2009

A growth discovered....in my abdomen!

About 15 weeks ago my primary care physician discovered a somewhat parasitic growth in my abdomen. It was small...but growing rapidly.

She reassured me that these types of growths are rarely fatal and that everything would be fine but suggested I see a parasitic growth specialist to get another opinion.

I did just that.

The appointment went well. A lot of questions were answered and fears abated.

There are no immediate plans for removal but removal and/or passing of the growth is inevitable and should take place in the next 19-20 weeks.

It will be rather painful and will take a bit of recovery but I am confident I will bounce back from it in no time.

How do I know?

Because it has been that way every other time...

I have had a baby!


(By the way...we had our BIG ultrasound today...everything (that they could see) looks good. Wanna know the sex? TOO BAD! You only get one secret at a time. Yeah....I am that mean!)

UPDATE:  It's boy #4!!!!!
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