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Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Close...Yet So Far Away--project update.

Well...it's crunch time.  Who's DONE?  With EVERYTHING?  ANYONE?

Not me.  I still have so much to do.

But...good news... 

I did finish ONE project today.  YEAY FOR ME!

I know you are dying for a peek.

okay...just a little one (disguised...of course.)

used North Pole Express Pack by Connie Prince

This project has been a lot of fun to do (and I'm getting better at learning to accessorize using the My Memories digital scrapbooking software) but...I'm glad it's done.  SO GLAD!  I can take ONE thing off my "to do list".  
(don't forget...if you want the software for yourself, or someone on your list, you can use my code STMMMS10850 and save $10!)

Now I just have to finish this one....
Well...I guess technically it's done.
  I just can't seem to get it hung,
and therefore it is still quite useless.
My entry way still looks like this...
(actually even worse right now...bummer!)
and what about this one...
remember this one?
here's how it's coming along...
(It's a cape...with a vest, in case you can't tell)

I'm about 90% done with one, 
70% done with another two, 
and 50% done with the last one.  
But they are coming together.
(I promise I wont forget to share the story behind them either)

AND...I still have to bake goodies, finish shopping for Roberto, plan and shop for Christmas dinner,
and pass these out...
oh...and maybe get a few minutes of sleep in there.

I'm not complaining...just....freaking out!
And yet...I'm on the computer....

A girl needs a little time to de-stress and connect with her online buddies...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cinnamon Stick Nativity Ornaments

 I love these nativities.  I wish I could take the credit for coming up with their design....but I can't.  My mom taught me to make them...and her sister taught her to make them....etc.  But, they are BEAUTIFUL and always a HUGE hit at the annual ornament exchange I attend.  So...I thought I would share the joy and teach y'all how to make them.

Here's what you need:

 5 cinnamon sticks, about 3 inches each

1 whole star anise (find in bulk spice section or latin markets)

2 pieces of star anise

3 whole cloves (just need the little ball part)

1 small piece of cinnamon stick


glue gun

Step #1
Glue bottom of stable to sides
(leaving a little overhang allows for easier raffia installation)
(also, for this step, I try to find sticks that have a nice definite line down the middle)

Step #2
add two stick of cinnamon for the roof--
one at a time; lined sides facing down

(this is where you can use your cinnamon stick that either

don't have a nice line down them or are twisted)

Step #3
tying the raffia--
what you are looking for is a crisscross in the front

(it's kinda hard to describe exactly how to do it...just play with it until you get it.)
tie in the back and cover the knot with a dab of glue
if it seems to be slipping off...place a small dab of glue on the side to secure it
then, trim the excess raffia

(repeat on all 4 corners)

it should look like this on the back when you are all done with this step


Step #4

Glue on the star (anise)

Step #5
putting together Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus
for Joseph-
break down an extra cinnamon stick until thin; glue on a clove ball
For Mary-
look for a taller, thinner piece of star anise (as compared to the baby Jesus)
turn in on it's end; glue on a clove ball 
For baby Jesus-
(I forgot to take a picture)
find a shorter, wider piece of star anise (as compared to Mary); 
turn it on it's side; add a clove ball

This is what they should look like all together-
(keep in mind that they should be both proportionate to one another and also the stable)

Step #6
Glue the Holy Family into the stable
(turn around to the back and secure them by adding more glue 
where it won't be seen from the front)
Step #7
tie a loop of raffia for the ornament hanger
glue on the back.
Trim any excess raffia and pull off any hanging glue strings
(please excuse my ugly tree)

This is a very forgiving craft (which is why I love it).  
They are meant to be a little rustic and so perfectionism is not needed here.
Do what you like...what looks good to you.

They will be beautiful no matter what!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pause for breath, in the midst of projects...

HOLY MOLY! Is this time of year ever CRAZY!?!? (okay, it hasn't ALL been crazy)

I feel like there is so much to do...and so much to say.  But who has time for both?  I don't.  At least not without forgoing precious goodie devouring time.

I have a lot of things I want to post about...but I'm really busy trying to finish Christmas projects.

I don't know why, at every other time of the year, I am content to be non-crafty and non-artsy and non-anything to do with the word "project"...but then the holidays come and I feel the need to be all of these things....it's crazy....anyway...

here's a peek into the "chaos" that has become my every waking hour...

For the first project (aka Christmas present) I'm using my MyMemories.com software (for discount promo code see sidebar).  I'd love to show you a sample but the people I am giving it to read this blog (darn!).

Okay...maybe a hint of a sample.....

And...this year's "homemade sewing project" for the boys...

It may have a little something to do with this:

and these: 

(There is a story behind it....a good one...I'll explain...later!)

(and I'd show you the sewing projects from years past but I've deleted the posts...that's a whole other story.) 

I've been making some of these (and I'm gonna show you how, too....later):
 and lastly...
a project to remedy this:

 (and, although it is not a "Christmas" project, per se, it is one that NEEDS doing...like, three weeks ago)
So...as you can see...I've got a lot going on.

And...my shopping's not done yet...and I haven't started making "neighbor" treats (but I've been eating plenty of the ones brought to me)...and I haven't decided, yet, if I am going to hold my annual "attempt at fighting off homesickness (knowing that my extended family is all gathered together on Christmas Eve) Christmas Eve soup get together" (something I've done EVERY year (going on 5 now) since we moved away from "home" (my family).  I'm just not sure I can pull it all together this year.


So much to do....and only 10 days left!

Guess I better got off the computer then.  :)

Just one question...are you ready????

Saturday, December 10, 2011


REBECCA of A Mess of Musings!
(winner randomly generated by Rafflecopter)

Congratulations Rebecca!  And thanks everyone for entering.

Remember...you can still pick up the My Memories Suite Software for yourself, or someone on your Christmas list, at MyMemories.com ($39.97....except.....wait for it.......)

To make it even sweeter, you can use my special promotional code STMMMS10850 and get $10 off the software, making it ONLY $29.97. 

ALSO, each software download comes with a $10 coupon code to use on kits and other products at mymemories.com.

That's like a savings of $20!

Totally Awesome!  I know!  I can't get over it myself.  

Plus...stay tuned for some freebies!  (Oohh...I LOVE FREE!)

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Friday, December 9, 2011

LeapFrog Deals on Amazon.com--TODAY!

It's just that time of year.  So many good deals.  So little time.  I just had to report another.

Looking for LEAP FROG deals.

Look no further.

Today on Amazon.com

I Spy Treasure Hunt only $9.97 (from $24.99)
Leapster Recharging Station  only $15 ($34.99)

Leapster Messenger Bag only $15 ($19.99)

Leap Frog App Center Download Card only $16.49 ($19.99)

(For Leap Pad and Leapster Explorer)

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holy LEGO GAME Sale Batman (and more)! --Wii, XBOX 360, Nintendo DS and more

Today (Dec 7th) is LEGO day on Amazon.com.

As part of their 19 Days of Deals, you will find up to 33% off your favorite (or probably more accurate, your childs favorite) LEGO Video Games.

Check them out according to game system (or computer):

XBOX 360 


Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

PlayStation 3


Sony PSP


Remember...this is for TODAY (Dec 7th) ONLY!

(Thanks HMS!)


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