"$uper" frugal living. "$aving" money...one idea at a time.

About A.I.F.

I've tried to live my life as a fairly frugal person.  I grew up with very good examples.  Now that I find myself with 4 very active boys, or as I like to call them, bottomless pits for children, who not only eat me out of house and home, but destroy everything they look at, and wear holes in their clothes within a week of having them, I find that I am in even more need of saving my pennies.  
Adventures in Frugalness started out as a side feature on my "family" blog.  I wanted a place to share frugal ideas, helpful household tips, cheap recipes, and good deals.  It's expanded enough (to the point that it took over my family blog...he he) that it needed a space of it's own.  So here we are.


I hope you find something useful here.  

"Super"frugal living.
"Saving" money...one idea at a time.
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