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Friday, December 9, 2011

LeapFrog Deals on Amazon.com--TODAY!

It's just that time of year.  So many good deals.  So little time.  I just had to report another.

Looking for LEAP FROG deals.

Look no further.

Today on Amazon.com

I Spy Treasure Hunt only $9.97 (from $24.99)
Leapster Recharging Station  only $15 ($34.99)

Leapster Messenger Bag only $15 ($19.99)

Leap Frog App Center Download Card only $16.49 ($19.99)

(For Leap Pad and Leapster Explorer)

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  1. My son loves his! These are great deals!

  2. I love leapfrog too! I think that recharging station looks so fun!


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