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Monday, October 10, 2011

"But it's not 'cold cereal' day"

I woke up, or at least got out of bed, this morning to the sound of "a waterfall of little somethings" cascading down onto the floor in my kitchen.

"Little Red" (the informant...aka the tattle tale) comes bursting into my room, "Mom, [Mini Rob] just dumped Kix out all over the floor."


I get up, put on my robe, and head out to survey the damage.  I brace myself as I turn the corner into the kitchen.

"Mini Rob" is standing there with the, now mostly empty, box of cereal, outside the pantry door (while Little Red and Mr. Golden Locks are squatted down shoveling as much of the contraband into their mouths as they can).

I look inside the pantry and groan....it's EVERYWHERE! (they were on the TOP shelf, after all).

"[Mini Rob] what are you doing?"

"I want these...I'm hungry."

"That's great, but, it's not 'cold cereal' day, you can't have them," I say in my frustration.

"But.....I waaaannnnnneeeeemmmmm."

"Too darn bad....it's not 'cold cereal' day.  Now, go get the vacuum and clean up this mess."

Ah.....the weeping and wailing.

(I've gotta hand it to the kid, though.  He has never been one to shy away from getting himself food when he is hungry...(while my older two will just whine and complain until someone else gets it for them) and he is pretty efficient at cleaning up after his messes...(since he has been doing it since he was just 20 months old).

No...I'm not a bad mom that wants my kids to go hungry.  I was just enjoying the warmth of my bed this morning rather than concerning myself with the welfare of their empty bellies.

And....it's not my fault he can't have the cold cereal he just worked so hard to acquire (although like I said, "Little Red" and "Mr. Golden Locks" were enjoying the fruits of his labors).  I am merely following the "Breakfast Menu"...the one we all worked together to come up with and agreed to follow.

Anyone can see that Monday is NOT cold cereal day.  It's oatmeal day.  Hello!  (despite the fact that "Mini Rob" is only 4 and can't read...it's in plain sight)

(please don't be jealous of my insanely good photography skills...
oh...or my crafty/scrapbook-y skills either....
they just come naturally.)

We are now on our third week of said "Breakfast Menu".  After having many many days of "breakfast issues", I was given some very solid advise to make a menu and stick to it.  And we have (other than one of the days my family was in town and my sister and I tried to put cut up apples and cinnamon in their oatmeal....heaven forbid).

This way, there are no surprises as to "What's for breakfast?"  Plus...it has been a HUGE money saving devise mostly because we only eat cold cereal twice a week now (oh, how I miss the days when I used to make $22 by picking up 21 boxes of cereal at the store---story from my other other blog).

All in all it's been so nice to have.  Thanks MOM (aka queen of frugalness and good ideas)!  :)

Just one more "adventure in frugalness", saving my family from being eaten out of house and home.

Even if they don't appreciate it every morning....they'll thank me in the long run....when the snow starts falling (IF the snow starts falling) and they are snug in their beds instead of freezing to death on the streets in a cardboard box somewhere.

What's on the menu for tomorrow?  Eggs and muffins....YUM!


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