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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HELP! I need you!---creating jeans that fit

This post is the first in a serious of posts entitled, HELP!  I need you!, where I, Melanie, am asking you, my readers (old and new) for help on a project/task/or parenting issue.

Let's face it....I'm just not as smart as I profess to be.  And I need help and advise from the outside.

Problem of the day:

Fall weather is now settling in...shorts are being put away...pants are coming out to play. 

For me, in a house full of testosterone this presents two problemas.  #1 holey knees  #2 fitting issues (either too short, too long, to fat, too skinny,...you get the idea).

After publishing the post Eclectic Fashion in our home of XY's, I was directed to an awesome blog, Living Locurto, where I found a tutorial How to Sew Monster Knees (both very cute and very doable).  I'm sure I'll be trying out this tutorial in the next few weeks, since that is about how long it will take for the newest crop of pants to go from the "someone must really care about you" to the "no one seems to care about you" stage.  I'll post pictures.

Until then, I am currently dealing with problema #2.  

That is why I need YOUR HELP!

In the latest batch of "we feel bad for you because you have a million (4) clothes destroying boys" (aka gratefully received clothing donations from friends and neighbors who are either a. very generous or b. trying to save themselves a trip to Goodwill, DI, Salvation Army, etc, and choose to drop them off here instead.  Either way, we are thankful for them)....anyway....in the last batch of these were a few pairs of jeans, big enough for G-McBabe (#1) that are still in very good, very useable condition.

Sort of.

They are definitely long enough....but are so HUGE in the waist (G has his daddy's superman build---broad shoulders, narrow waist).  G refuses to wear a belt and they do NOT have an adjustable waist band (that should be a crime, don't you think?).

So....to the point.  What do I need your for?

Ideas.  How do I make these pants into something usable for my 8 year old without the use of a belt, also keeping in mind that I HAVE a sewing machine but am not as savvy as to it's usage as I would like to be (aka I'm not much more than a beginner.)?   

Any ideas?

Please come to my rescue...(he is wearing the same two pairs of pants over and over and while that may be enough for some kids, it is not enough for him).

Feel free to either leave a comment (directing me to your totally awesome tutorial idea) or e-mail me at testosteroneoverloadXY at gmail dot com.  Thanks!

P.S. You don't have to have an idea to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you regardless.

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  1. We have the same super skinny waist problem here too. I often with take in the waist of track pants an inch on each side but I have never tackled demin. My only advice is to check into getting a different needle and thread for your sewing machine before you start sewing jeans........they are prone to making your needle bread and your thread snap. I am going to think this one over and get back to you (I have a hunch I will need to figure this one out myself down the road)

  2. Measure G's waist and cut a corresponding length of elastic. Stretch and pin elastic to the inside of the waistband. Stitch into place using either a straight stich (making boxes as you go) or zig zag. I would use a piece of elastic the same width as the waistband. You will have stitching on the outside of the waistband but if he wears his shirt over the top of his pants it won't matter. Hope this helps!

    Also, I apologize if this posts twice...I wrote it once and it disappeared. Call me if it doesn't make sense. Or come up and I'll do it for you lol ;) love you

  3. Hmmm, I don't have any idea. Sorry. I just wanted to let you know I dropped by! I'll be checking back to see if anyone else has ideas though!

  4. The elastic in the waistband is an awesome idea! I would totally do it for you if we lived by each other!!!

  5. You could always just put two little darts in the back, basically sew a v from the inside. But I like the elastic idea too, make your own adjustable waist, and then it's not permanent. Good luck!

  6. Maybe try giving him subliminal messages that belts are good or feeding him extra dessert. OK, maybe not.

    One of my only pairs of pants at one time in my childhood was a too big hand-me-down and kept falling down. It was so frustrating.

    It sounds like you have some good advice from other readers already--good luck!


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