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Monday, January 23, 2012

"No...cuz you're not very stylish"

One of the BEST things about hosting a GIVEAWAY is getting a chance to test out the product.
Aren't these CUTE!?!
It's not very often I get the privilege of enjoying pretty things.

I put one of these fancies on tonight (the one with the gray ribbon) and my oldest, 8 year old G-McBabe, kept looking at me...baffled.

"What?  Don't you like it?"  I said.

Still staring...."uhhhh...," he stammers.

"Not me?" I ask.

He hesitates, "No...(and then...) cuz you're not very stylish." 

I feigned offense....and then laughed.

He's got a point.

I did try the necklace on with my gray Gonzaga hoodie.  Yeah...I'm cool like that.

What I took from the situation was, A. Even my 8 year old thinks these Paparazzi pretties are "stylish"
and B.  I need to wear them more often and change his opinion of ME!

What do you think?


If you want to be "stylish" too, be sure and enter the Paparazzi Accessories GIVEAWAY and have a chance to win one of these beauties for yourself.  You have until February 6 so hurry up already.


  1. Love that kid, LOL....but Mel...I think you're stylish....

  2. Haha smart kid! Mine always looks so shocked when I dress up too! She says stuff like "cool boots mom!! "

  3. It's so funny what kid's say! And their views of us! :)

    I guess-work on your stylishness...ha ha. :)

    Have a fabulous day! :)


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