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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Custom Coat Hanger---Yes! It's finally up!

If you'll remember, several weeks back, I set out to find a solution for this problem:
I think you will agree that this coat rack is far to small for our families "needs".

I was inspired by Katie from Project: Possible and her post project: from empty wall to mud room to create something workable for my family/home.

I headed off to Home Depot and picked up an piece of scrap wood for $.87 and a round stick to cut dowels out of.  Then I sat on it and sat on it.

I sat on it because I realized that, while I loved her idea (and was SO in need of it's inspiration), it was not exactly what I wanted.  What I wanted was something a little fancier (because it would be a major decorative piece in my scantly decorated home), something that would last for a lifetime, and something that would easily accommodate our growing family (nope, not an announcement).

But...what I wanted was definitely going to cost me more than the $1.80 I had already forked out.  I so wanted this project to be $uper cheap.  Bummer.  What was a girl to do?

In the end, I turned from what was most frugal and, instead, went for what I really wanted, despite the cost difference.  (My mama always said, "Buy the best you can afford.")

At least I still used the $.87 piece of scrap wood. 

I sanded, painted, distressed, polyurethane-ed, measured, drilled and added hooks (just under $4 each)....and this is what I ended up with.
Yeah...it cost me more than I originally intended but....the results are priceless.

Where else are you going to find a custom made coat hanger with seven (yes, 7!) double vertical hooks, spaced 3.5 inches apart, in the precise color you want....for under $35 dollars?
Believe me...I looked.

And....despite our sincerely lacking carpentry skills, my husband and I FINALLY got it hung on the wall.
(See how nice and organized everything is?)
Now...I'm not going to lie...it may or may not stay up for long.

But, hey....at least it will look good while it lasts.

There's always plan B.
(What's a few more holes in the wall, anyway?)

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  1. Seriously brilliant ideas. And like I'm running for the bleach to clean out my e-coli infested washer right now--who knew.


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