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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best hide-n-seeker EVER!--Adventures in T.O.

Best hide-n-seeker EVER!  Yeah...that would be me!
"Is that a skirt you are wearing?," you ask.
"Yes...yes it is."
"Did you climb up there all on your own?"
"Yes. I. did."
(although my husband insisted on being chivalrous and helped me down)

And...I have to add...that they NEVER would have found me.....if the 21 month old hadn't ratted me out.


  1. LOVE THIS!!
    you should put some fake plants up there to hide behind (and maybe wear camouflage)!! then you would just "blend in" and they would never find you in your cool hiding place! :D

  2. Oooooohhhhhhhh "Messy"....I LIKE THAT IDEA!!!!

  3. That is definitely the BEST hiding spot ever!! I'm feeling pretty thankful that I don't have one of those little spots in my house. I can just imagine plucking my kids down from there during their games of hide and seek lol!!

  4. That is AWESOME! I wish I had a hide out like that! :)


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