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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I've been playin'...

Okay...so I have been a bit busy playin' around with my new found hobby (as in, I was in my flannel jammies until after 4:00PM yesterday. Whoops!)

I'm quite enjoying myself (although I did tell Roberto LATE last night that, "I don't need a new hobby. I can't keep up with the ones I have." True story.)  But...sigh...it's too late.  I'm hooked.  (I got several Christmas gifts brewing up top.)

All I need to do now is to exert a little restraint. 

I've been rehearsing some self-given commands..."MELANIE, STOP!"...."TAKE A SHOWER"..."FEED THE CRYING CHILDREN"..."USE THE BATHROOM", etc.  You know...just the basics.


I'll get a handle on it.

So, for now, let's just forget about my compulsive behavior and self reprimands for a minute....

Look-y what I made.

(Remember...I'm a total novice at this. That's how easy MMS software is.)

Background paper is from North Pole Express Pack

embellishments were included in the My Memories Suite v3 software (Holiday Snows)

All page elements from kit Comfort and Joy, designed by Jenn of Dancing Princess Designs.


Aren't my kiddos so cute (and crazy)?


If you are interested in this digital scrapbook software, first, check out my GIVEAWAY (ends December 10, 2011) or visit you can visit MyMemories.com and check the software out HERE.  Use the code STMMMS10850 at checkout, giving you a $10 discount (making it ONLY $29.97).  Plus the software itself comes with a $10 coupon to use at the MyMemories.com store.  That's like a $20 savings.  Awesome, yes?

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  1. Nice work! I so need to get on board this digital world........maybe one day soon.

  2. The pages look great! I remember when I used to do that...hahaha...I probably should try to bring back that hobby since it is memories of my kids and all!

  3. Melanie, I love reading your blog! Everytime I come to your page, I breathe a breath of fresh air. Your posts really help me. Keep blogging! : )

  4. Cute pages! Your kids are adorable! If only those adorable crying children could feed themselves. :)

  5. Thanks ladies...you make me feel all warm and fuzzy!


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