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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SOLUTION: creating jeans that fit.

I finally got around to adjusting those pesky jeans from the post Help!...I need you!-creating jeans that fit.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

I combined a few of them, added some of my own "jimmy-riggin'" and WA LA!  They are done (and none too soon...it's getting COLD!  Brrrrr......)

Here's what I ended up doing (please keep in mind that #1 I have "beginner" sewing skills and #2 I'm far more concerned with function than fashion---one of the benefits of being a mom of boys)

After turning the pants inside out, I un-stitched the sides of the waistband logo thing-y.

Next...and I forgot to get a picture of this one,...I cut slits in the waistband backing fabric on each side of the pants, in line with side seam.

I pinned the elastic for easy threading.

Then, I threaded the elastic through, from one slit to the next.

 Next, I tucked the end of the elastic in (on the side with the pin, after taking off the pin, of course), pulled closed the slit, and zig zag stitched, making sure to firmly catch the elastic and both sides of the fabric (If you'll notice, mine is VERY secure.  I get a little carried away sometimes. he he he )

Next, is where a little jimmy-riggin' comes in.  I could actually measure things...but it's not my style.  So...I had my  kiddo put the pants on inside out.  Then I pulled the elastic tight....until the pants were nice and fitted around his waist and then pinned the elastic in place.  Then, I cut the elastic and closed the opening like in the steps above.

 Last, but not least, I stitched two lines (small zigzag) down the back/middle of the waist band (one would probably work) to keep the elastic from twisting around and bunching up. 

And there you have it.

G-McBabe now has two very functional pairs of jeans where there were none before.  Ta Da!

Now I just have to work on patching up the knee holes he's already managed to put in them.  :)  (tutorial for Monsters Knees)

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