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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software--REVIEW and PROMO CODE (Save $20)

As you may know (or should have guessed by now), I love sharing great things with my friends and family!

And today is no exception.

How many of you are scrapbookers?  Well, I used to be....years ago, until it became too much of a hassle and a mess for me to deal with.  Then I gave up.  My oldest son (who is now 8) has the first year of his life done.  Boy #2 and #3 have one or two pages (ultrasound pictures) and #4 has ZIP, NADA, NOTHING! Poor thing. 

My sister has been trying to sell me on digital scrabooking for years (because she is a fabulous digiscrap designer herself) but I never really took the time to look into it, even though its mess free approach always appealed to me.  It just seemed too complicated and overwhelming.  I couldn't wrap my brain around it.


I was introduced to My Memories Suite scrapbooking software and asked to give it a try.  I'm not gonna lie...I was hesitant at first (because my past experience was not all that positive)...but was wrong to be so.  After downloading the software and taking a few minutes to "look around", I tried my hand at a little project I had wanted to tackle for some time...

You may recognize THIS baby (if you have visited my page Adventures in Frugalness). Yeah...I designed this that very first night (from scratch) using the software and A-Manda Creations SUPER BOY kit from MyMemories.com.

This was my very first attempt at digital scrapbooking EVER!...and I found the My Memores Suite software so VERY EASY TO USE!  Believe me....if I can use it...than ANYONE can.

It didn't take long before I tried my hand (or computer mouse) again.

Wanna see?

This one was put together just last week.  Here Mr. Golden Locks (and Little Red) are enjoying this years first winter snowfall.  I used a ready made template that comes with the software.  I just added the photo and....TA DA!  Isn't that cute? (and did I mention EASY?!?!)

And (if you have visited since Thanksgiving, you may have already seen this one), I put together this tasty treat on the Eve of Thanksgiving.  It's self designed (as in, by me) using paper and embellishments that came with the software. A little plain but hey, I'm a plain kinda girl....one who is just learning to accessorize.  :)
(AND...of course, it was TOTALLY MESS FREE.  (I heart MESS FREE!).)

So there you have it.

I give My Memories Suite v3 an:

 A for Easy

A+ for Adorable

A++ for AFFORDABLE (especially with the $20 savings promo code I am about to give you)!

This would definitely make for an EXCELLENT Christmas gift for that creative person on your shopping list.

Simply go to http://www.mymemories.com/digital_scrapbooking_software, add the software to your shopping cart, and copy and paste my special promo code STMMMS10850 to the promo code box.

Not only will this code give you a $10 discount on the My Memories Suite v3 software (making it only $29.97) but will give you a $10 credit to use at MyMemories.com digital scrapbook store.

That's $20 worth of SAVINGS!


Stay tuned....you, my lucky readers, are going to have the chance to WIN My Memories Suite v3 software (which also includes $10 to use at MyMemories.com scrap store, too!).

Are you excited or what?

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