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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

L.I.C.E is a four letter word

I mean....literally....and figuratively, too.  At least it is in our house.

It's naughty....very, VERY naughty.  

Why?...because when you say it mommy get's all scared and anxious and starts hyperventilating.  And her head starts itching.....really bad.

At least that is what happened the day we found a little creepy, crawly, egg laying nasty in G-McBabe's hair about 18 months ago (just a few weeks after Mr. Golden Locks was born).

(see here)
 But let me tell you, things haven't changed a whole lot.

A few weeks after the start of school, we got the customary "lice" letter home one day.

You know, the "it's that time of year again when we typically see an increase in head lice" letter?

I hate that letter.

But....not more than I hate the "Nits (lice eggs) and/or lice have been found on a couple of students in the 3rd grade" letter.

That letter came home today.

For a few seconds I thought about falling apart.  (Breath, breath, breath).

Instead I just did a little scream inside......


Why now?  I'm not medicated (at least not for a few more days).

How do you expect a "sister" to deal with something like this unmedicated, y'all?


I looked at the paper....I looked at G-McBabe.....and then I said,

"You do realize we are going to have to do a head check today, right?

"Yeah.....(sigh)....I know."

Poor kid....he knows his mama all too well.  Let's face it....she can be a little psycho.

We FINALLY got to it tonight just before bed....

Luckily....so far, so good (all heads checked, all heads cleared).....and I didn't even panic, at least not more than once.....or twice.  :)

We ended the day with the "do not share hats or coats or scarfs talk"....the "stuff your coat inside your backpack talk" (what are they thinking making kids share cubbies?)...the "I know you love your friends but just don't get too close to them" talk.

Oh....and I prayed.....HARD!

I think we have it all covered.

Did I miss anything?


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  1. Now that I will pray for!! When I taught school in the ghetto lice was a non stop problem. I won't go into details because I don't want to scare you BUT our school policy was that the children hung their coat and back pack over the back of their chair at their desk so that they never touched each other on the coat hooks!
    Best of luck.

  2. Sheri--that is what WE did in school. This who cubby thing is SO GROSS!

    I mean, we've lived through it once, but I do NOT ever want to have to do it again.

  3. AARRGGHH! My son neglected to give me that notice and they are already in bed!! Do I get them out of bed and check? Or do I just assume that if they had lice that they would already be in the bedding? AARRGGHH!

  4. Ah yes, Lice.... (Now stop scratching your head!) In English schools, they don't refer to it as lice, but use a more nonspecific term like, lodgers, or visitors. Political correctness gone mad.

  5. Lisa---let the sleeping dogs lie. If they are there, they are there. No worries...just as much work will have to be done regardless. UGH!

    Diplo_Daddy--Ha ha ha...that is so dumb. There is nothing "proper" about little things that lay eggs in your hair. Nasty! Leave it to the English to try and make it such. he he he

  6. i know at least one of the kids is in parker's class...joy.

  7. Melanie, I love the way you write! This was entertaining, especially with the picture! I read your other blog, this is my first time reading this one. I love your style and thanks for reading mine. I love, respect and appreciate your honesty.

  8. At least once a week we have the "don't share," "don't hug" (with girls I think this might be a little bit IMPOSSIBLE), and "hat, coat and scarf go inside your backpack and NOT on the hooks, in the cubbies, etc, etc, etc." It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

    Glad they got the "all clear"....hang in there, Sista :)


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