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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway__CLOSED

Alright...so I think there was a lot of confusion concerning the $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.

The confusion being that I linked this giveaway to a blogging challenge and only left teeny tiny instructions on how to enter this giveaway without actually doing the blogging challenge (that part is just for those of us who LOVE to write).

No fear, I am here to diffuse the confusion.

You DO NOT have to enter the blogging challenge to be entered into the giveaway (the blogging challenge is just a really fun way to earn even more entries).

So....do you want to know the easiest way to get entered into the giveaway?

You just have to sign up to "follow" Testosterone Overload.

Here's how: 

#1 Click on the gadget on the sidebar that says "Join this site".

#2 THEN....leave a comment telling me you did it (something like this "I now follow T.O., or whatever) or, if you already "follow" T.O. leave a comment that says something like this (I already "follow" T.O.)  Simple as that.


***The winner is picked at random FROM THE COMMENTS THAT ARE LEFT on this post (or the original blogging challenge/giveaway post).  If you do not leave a comment you will not be entered into the giveaway. ***

So don't skip that crucial step.

And now because I am so generous (wink, wink) I am going to give you a way to receive additional entries without entering the blogging challenge as well.  You ready?............

Ta Da....Refer a friend to Testosterone Overload.

That's right.  I will give you additional entries into the giveaway for EVERY friends and/or reader, you refer to my blog, that chooses to "follow" T.O. as well.

Here's your instructions (I work by example...I need everything spelled out for me...hehehe)

#1 You post a link to this giveaway/blogging challenge on your blog.

#2  Go ahead and tell your readers that for every one of them that comes here and "follows" T.O., YOU will get another entry into this giveaway.

#3  Don't forget to tell YOUR readers that they need to mention who "referred" them to T.O.

(for example their post would look something like.  "Hi Melanie, I now follow T.O.   I was referred to this giveaway by ___________.")

So...that comment will count as their "personal" entry as well as a "referral" entry for you.  Does that make sense?  (if not you can e-mail me at testosteroneoverloadXY at gmail dot com)

The possibilities are endless.

Just remember that your "referrals" have to "Join [my] site" in order for the entry to count for either of you.

The winner will be announced Friday, October 21, 2011.

Now....if you actually LIKE to write (like I do) you can earn EVEN MORE entries into the giveaway by

#1 entering "Melanie's Blogging Challenge"

#2 encouraging your friends/readers to enter as well (yes...more "referrals).

See below for details.

There....I hope that cleared up some confusion.  I was really surprised to see so little entries.   I mean, it's a SUPER easy way to win $10 to use at Amazon.com (Christmas is coming)

So DON'T delay.

"Join" me at T.O.  Be prepared from some pretty funny upcoming stories and, hopefully, some useful frugal tips as well.

Original Posted Rules:

Melanie's Blogging Challenge/Giveaway! 
(this giveaway is part of the Happy 4th Birthday T.O. Birthday Bash/Giveaways--which will be announced NEXT Friday (Oct 14th) where you will have a chance to win even MORE stuff).

Choose one of the following topics....FALL, FOOTBALL, DATE NIGHT, THE GOOD OL' DAYS or 30 YEAR OLD WOMAN PARADING AROUND PRETENDING TO BE A TEENAGER (or any other story of you as a "not so acting your age" person)...which ever one tickles your writing fancy... (read MY story entitled:  Date Night brings out the "best" in Melanie)


(story can be a previously posted, yet related, post as long as you re-post it a. with the current date (so it comes up the first post on your blog page) b. with the challenge rules and c. with proper links to this post). 

What can I win?  
The winner of this blog challenge/giveaway will randomly be chosen to win a $10 Amazon.com gift card (provided from my very own pocket lining).  

How can I win?
One entry will be counted for every "valid" comment/entries left on T.O. (Remember to leave a separate comment for each of the "valid" entries).

"Valid" comments include:
#1 a personal story entry (see below)
#2 a referral story entry (see below)
#3 by signing up to "follow" T.O. and leaving a comment to tell me that you did (if you already "follow", just leave a comment stating that you already do.)

What is a "personal" entry?
A personal entry is a single comment left on T.O. by you consisting of a link to your Melanie's Blogging challenge/giveaway entry (aka your posted story).

What is a "referral" entry?
A "referral" entry is a single comment left by one of YOUR READERS listing YOU as their "referral" to Melanie's Blog Challenge/Giveaway.  The more of YOUR readers you can engage in this challenge, the more entries/chance YOU will have to win.

Things to remember:
#1  BE SURE to link back to this post (any submitted story NOT linking back to this post will be disqualified from the giveaway) and post the challenge/giveaway rules for your readers (copy and paste from the pink text down).

#2 BE SURE to leave a comment linking me to YOUR challenge/giveaway entry (again, your story) as well as your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win. (your "personal" entry)

#3 BE SURE to tell your readers to A. come back here and post a comment linking me to THEIR story (which will be their "personal" entry) but also leave ANOTHER comment telling me who referred THEM (which would be one of YOUR "referral" entries).

Do you need an example.?  I know I would (if I hadn't thought it up myself...and even that confused me).

"Personal" entry comment example:
Hi, Melanie, that was a great story.  :)
My name is ____________ and here is a link to my Melanie's Blog Challenge/ Giveaway Entry http://_________________. 
I hope I win.

"Referral" entry comment example:
Hi Melanie....I was referred to your Blog Challenge/Giveaway by (insert Name) at (blog name or address you came from).  OR just leave the blog name if you don't know their name personally.

Does that make sense?  If you have any questions please contact me at testosteroneoverloadXY at gmail dot com.

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