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Monday, September 26, 2011

Help Spencer and Whitney find a baby...

I have a whole lotta stuff going on in my head right now.  Someday soon I will tap into my sweeeeeet, yet rusty, prioritization and organizational skills and put those ideas down on paper....or in this case, on the computer, but for today....I have a different sort of message to share. 
I was informed of a "media blitz" for this beautiful couple today.
He is the brother of a very sweet friend of mine.  They have been unable to have children of their own and are now approved and ready to find a baby to love and care for, through the adoption process.
I don't know them personally but have quickly fallen in love with them as I have perused their adoption profile, blog and video.  
Any child would be extremely lucky to be placed in their home and engulfed in the love they have to offer.  Of this I am sure. 

The best way to help them is to spread the word.  
If you know someone...or know someone who knows someone, etc....who is contemplating adoption...please keep this beautiful couple in mind....
and these two too.....
my cousin Aaron, his wife Michelle
and their (adopted) son, Eli.

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  1. That is AWESOME! Having worked in the adoption field the last several years, I have always encouraged couples to do something like this. However, I have never seen a couple do a video like that--it is a great idea. I will look for ways to spread this, and even keep my eye on expectant parents who might be interested in seeing their profile.

  2. Thank you Spencer. I know they would be mighty appreciative. Say, how are you, Lorissa and YOUR gaggle of Testosterone?


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